Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was listening to Marcell's slow poppish rnb jam named berhenti berharap..sitting outside with my phone,nice ambient,and lastly good tempreture after a bad athma attack;urged me to update my blog..

All of a sudden,i had my school time in mind..its so sad that i had none of my school days' pictures..i neva know untill now bout them since i took them back after AF finished..ive forgotten bout em since then..

Then it made me recall the girls that played sum good roles in the past years'..perhaps they have shaped me being what i am now..
the hottest and the best will always be my luvly n precious,thanks for all the moments..GOD bless us for our heart that we're to be togetha till the end..i hope u know wut ur doing now..i know i confused u n all but ur the last person i wud forget..bcuz ure my first true love n u made me realised wut luv is..

2nd goes to Isha..u have teached me an important lesson in life..thanks..i hope ur happy with whom ure with right now..ure a pair very lvely couple..its good seeing dat ure happy..

Tasha will be the 3rd..she has also teached me sum moral values about being in a relationship..she showed me how should the gents treat the ladies right..we didnt last long bcuz i was too selfish n enjoying life at the fullest that i had made her cry..sorry..i was young n stupid..

she is now happily married..i pray for ur success,that ur happy and GOD bless ur family..

The girl that i waited for a quite few years..Dy..i use to be nervous when seeing her..even when we were old enough to take the scene a friendly ones,ii acted diffrntly..we used to switch our rltnshp on n off quite frequantly..shes sumbudy whos living in a fast life now by singing..hopefully shes thinkin bout her future wisely..

Lastly,yana..she has always been in her own class..she was my first crush for sumbudy whose older than me..she is so diffrent than others that she is so matured in dealing things and all..well, its just that sumtimes, she’s a bit all thumbed for her actions..hehe..kinda funny tho..i dun have much to say bout her cuz its hard to get hold of her..but lately, she has been a very good lady..i presume she has got her feet on track and she is moving forward..i pray that she will find her fortune and true happiness for her future…well its kinda early for me to judge Yana cuz we just met a few times..

Well, there are things I wrote made some people angry and discourage them..i am so sorry…I shouldn’t do that..i only write what I felt at that, I am sorry..please let all the things that I have written be sumwhat a history being archived into this blog..i love all of you and this blog is all about love..its all about love and nuthin but love..we're all just human..

So those are the girls that was n still very much in ny mind..this ends up this threat..

Monday, December 14, 2009


So miracal does happen..and it did happen..but its a wont stay long..sadly..i was d happiest guy on earth..but now back to sq 1..darn it!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Its hopin for a miracle to praying for a good weekend closing ceremony..i know just the best thing that can happen to cheer me up..

Next week,i will do it..definitely..Im sorry but its what ive been hoping to do while i still have the time..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sunday mornin morning..12/12/09..few final moments b4 2009 closes its shutter to every human being/ALLAH's creature..ive had one of the most memorable nite embarking my self-reliance towards my stand and safeguarding my pride..but god bless..insyaALLAH i'll still get d things&things done n in control..i'll update ya'll later cuz im still at lan's place n im heading home soon..salam

Friday, December 11, 2009

pass you by...

this morninig, soon as i opened up my eyes, i felt like wut shazlan always said, i never plan to write but here i am,in front of my machine..self expression or wutever that was..i cant really remember..huhu...sorry lan, i didnt get it rite i supposed..huhu..

last nyte was a long ride for me..being defiant and self-captivating human i am, my trip started from work, KLCC, went straight home, Bangsar, Shah Alam (wtf??!!!), Kajang, and home was the finale..ignore the traffic problems on Friday evening that accords violently to the traveling time, i spent bout 4 hours on my bike..well, i was literally on my bike and i didnt get off it cuz there were times that i met people that was on the go and we didnt have that much of stoppage time..yeah..for all that things that i was doing, it came to my mind so many questions that i can't even, who am i now? the same fuad for the past 3 years? the new fuad?or maybe, the bad stays and the good went away? the contemplating sense is the same..haha..thats what i am pretty much very sure off...

so, had enuff of my own stories, moving on to the latest..soon as i clicked on the mozilla, a song came to my mind..pass you by..dedicated to the husband and wife that i don't really know that much of..that they are in the midst of filing their divorce case..i pray that it won't happen..lets think prior to our actions...pray for the AL-MIGHTY that the 'Arash wont quiver(hopefully im usin the right word) wALLAHhualam..amen..

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Salam all..iys me again..ok i wont promise to update my blog at a frequent pace..empty promises the mo im havin my lunch with my colleagues from work..ate just a scoop of rice,some potatoes and some meat..on diet actually..targeting for the cleo's most eligeble bachelor..hahaha..

Nuthins up 4me,eat sleep n ride..alone..weekends wit my same old frenz..and thats it..some hilites are not to be disclosed for security,n privacy purposes..ahaha..its pretty much be buggin me..its twitching my sense of rationality but still in the same time,maturity bites me there n then..kinda sickening..

I was askin a fren about life problems..which has got a more severe problems or emotion problems..emotion being lotsa life,family,lust,etc..sudden silence from him..i responded with my answer..i said "emotions"..i would be able to bare with financial interference..but not emotions..however,the world is witnessing money over happiness..i refuse to argue on that..cuz,money satisfy emotional chaos..u satisfy lust,love n family..genuinity/authenticity does matter but its mind over matters..u think too much,plan too much,ure actually planning to fail..

Its such a hot,complex and very contemplating area..its for u to decide..where you are, matters to the one that loves you..not the one that you love..bcuz,they dun really luv u..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

my life and me..

alhamdulillah, about few days to go, im 7 months in KL back from dublin..about 2 months from now, we're closing the 2009th show and if ALLAH permits, there will be the 2010 was your 2009 so far lads? ive achieved some and some were left behind..but i still have a couple of months to take care of it..hope its soon enough before the shutter bein wine down..

usually, ill think of somethin before I write but now, im too lazy to work on my brains, i just sit and force myself to, i never knew whats the ending..

suddenly, i thought of somethin.."MUSIC REVIEW"..though im not an expert in this, but still, its worth a, its a personal, ive been watchin a couple of video music on Black Music..reggae, RnB and Rap and i loved them...latest craze is Ziggi need to tell you this...melody in concept of the 'I gal riddim' clip's showing things happenin around amsterdam..nice aint it? missed it be specific about amsterdam, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.....hahhahaha, ziggi, a new guy in this industry, black dutch..good breakthru and found himself a good spot in the market..other songs, not bad..dancehall raggae..bole la..they still cant bit the melodious dub incorporation..heres somethin from ziggi taken from utube..

then I found this other song from michael buble..hmm...nothin much to say thou..typical buble, his kinda songs, his image but with a killarney sign in the start of his new video eh!! hahahah...i still remember when buble refreshed the listeners ears with his oldies favs..damn that was a good on man..i was lovin it to the max..ecspecially, the old time favourite, my funny valentine..i still dunno who the original singer was..its a brilliant tune man..check it out..but this one is from sting and chris botti....

talkin bout buble's latest single, he's still the same, not much changes, and the music, its fantastic..soothing the ears, a great morning here it off to work..rite? so u take the way, havent told u guys about the Melaka ride..let the pics do the talkin k?..enjoy..

last ones eh!